Mia H.

Friday 30, September 2011

My daughter Mia began ISR at the early age of 6 months at the University of Miami with instructor Andrea Clarke. From day one Andrea built a bond with Mia that would last for the next 31/2 almost 4 months. Andrea truly is an example of what an ISR instructor should be. She not only made me feel at ease but could tell what was going on with Mia from the second she hit the water. During the course of ISR Mia went through what seemed to be a never ending case of teething. Andrea always kept an upbeat positive attitude and went the extra step with Mia. She would make scheduling adjustments and make up classes and always with a smile on her face. Miss Mia as affectionately called by all is a proud graduate of ISR as of September 30, 2011. I constantly tell people of the importance of ISR especially in South Florida where a body of water seems to be around every corner. Thank you Andrea for giving me that extra peace of mind and for creating that special bond with my special little one. We look forward to working again with you in the spring.

Vivian H. - Proud ISR/Crossfit Parent

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