Mom of Twins

Tuesday 11, October 2011

I am the mother of twins who just completed their first swimming lessons ever at 23 months. Amazing transformation takes place. I am definitely impressed at the survival skills that my babies have learned with ISR. I am relieved to know that they are now little small experts in what to do in case of a accident that involves a body of water. Their floating skills are remarkable and I feel very confident that they will use those skills given a situation.

ISR is a commitment of 6 weeks but after the first lesson you realize that those 6 weeks are necessary in order to instill these new skills for life and that they must be developed with a professional who can teach them this particular system. All I can say is, it works. I have seen it with both of my babies. We had 3 wonderful instructors who worked as an amazing team. They are brilliant. They care so much and they are full of integrity. They know and work with each child individually and understand exactly where each one is in their learning-to-survive process and work on each one differently depending on where they are at and that is another reason why this miracle of learning to save yourself in water happens.

Thank you so much ISR, the transformation is remarkable and you have turned me into a much less nervous mother!

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