Zach and Jake M.

Monday 25, July 2011

Our two sons have learned necessary survival skills that will enable them to be safer and more competent in the water. In addition, they love to swim!

Jonathan C.

Saturday 18, June 2011

Ten minutes a day changed Jonathan's life. I wouldn't give back this experience for the world.

Raul L.

Friday 17, June 2011

This has been the best learning opportunity that my 3yr old has yet experienced. The resources and the staff's experience make this program one of the best.

Brandon H.

Wednesday 15, June 2011

I am 1,000% confident my child will save himself, WHEN not IF, he falls into the water.

DeAnna L.

Thursday 02, June 2011

Thank you so much for taking the time to teach our children. Many lives are being saved through this program.

Mary and Tony R

Thursday 19, May 2011

At the beginning of our six-week journey, we were made aware of your generous offer and found out that we would benefit from your outreach

Zoe B.

Friday 22, April 2011

Zoe has been taught by the best and exposed to the best educational water experience there is. We are confident with her ability now to survive and swim on her own. Without your generosity and caring heart we would not have had this opportunity. Thank you so much!


Tuesday 19, April 2011

It has been a true joy to watch him learn these awesome swimming skills and to see his face light up full of confidence because of them. Thanks again on behalf of myself, my husband and my son.

Two year old Samantha B.

Monday 11, April 2011

The cost of the course would have been a stretch for our family of 5, but thanks to you Samantha is learning the critical skills to survive in a drowning-scenario.

Addison and Preston K.

Saturday 09, April 2011

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this life-saving gift. Our kids are safer because of you. We are truely touched by your generosity and thank you for this dear gift.

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