ISR CrossFit Kids Sponsors

CrossFit Kids has committed to "Prepare Children for the Unexpected." As a result of their commitment, corporate responsibility and leadership, families will gain access to the safest survival swimming lessons available. Beginning with 200 children in the Miami community, CrossFit Kids plans to bring the ISR program to families across the country and later, across the world.

Saving children from drowning requires a creative team. We are thrilled to be working with CrossFit Kids, among others, to make a difference in communities across the country.


Since it’s inception the CrossFit community has supported causes ranging from cancer research to local causes in need. n 2009 Fight Gone Bad fundraising event was launched as a one-day International opportunity for the community to turn out as one to create a lasting philanthropic contribution each year. Since then the Fight Gone Bad fundraising event has raised more than $3 million for causes our community has supported.

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Jenna Dreyer
ISR-CrossFit Kids Project Coordinator
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